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Kurru Kurru S.L.
Kurru Kurru S.L.
Kurru Kurru S.L.
Kurru Kurru S.L.
Kurru Kurru S.L.
Kurru Kurru S.L.
Kurru Kurru S.L.


During the Summer Season 2021 Kurru Kurru keeps offering their private shopping conception. In times of Corona more then ever because now it does not only save you from the stress of a shopping tour in the hot city full of traffic but also helps to flatten the curve.


Kurru Kurru S.L.

Save up to 50%




Let`s  flatten the curve, but let`s do it with style.
Kurru Kurru has created a collection of Haute Couture Community Masks. Hand crafted multilayered masks, made of exquisite biological materials and with comfortable inlays.


The 2021 Kurru Kurru Summer Collection was inspired by the sky and the sea. We haven’t seen the sky that blue and the ocean so clean since we were children. The cleansing of our planet is a life saving side effect of the world wide Corona Lockdowns. The times are changing and our new collection shall remind us that sometimes change can lead to the better. The movements of the waves and the strength of the wind are the essentials for our 2021 cuts and the color of course is... blue.


For 2021 we have aded a sanitation concept to our service to provide Covid19 protection.
Do not worry about our exclusive customer service. Since we stand for unique individualism, the pieces you see, are always available in personalized versions, concerning sleeves, length, size and accessories

Included Hair & Make-Up from Luiz Mantei!

A message from Marinela tor our Kurru Kurru Community

First of all we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.
Our thoughts go out to all those who have to suffer the consequences of this world wide crises.

We would like to let you know that we have opened an online store to keep the Kurru Kurru spirit  alive and to be able to send some of our good Ibiza Vibes around the world.


The main pillars of our philosophy are a strong belief in Fair Trade and the personal contact to our customers. Especially in times like these we do not want to take the factor of humanity out of the equasion of shopping. Marinela can be contacted any time as described above. In order to protect the environment we strictly work with biological materials and chemical free prints. We condemn Fast Fashion and therefor focus on one collection per year. Due to being located on the sunny island of Ibiza, Marinela specialized in designing unique summer fashion. All dresses can be custom made if ordered so. 

A Kurru Kurru dress is a life long companion.


Kurru Kurru Ibiza S.L. was founded by fashion designer Marinela Cifteli in 2008.

Marinela Cifteli was born in Albania and raised in Germany. She began her fashion career in Miami Florida, were she studied fashion design at the „International Art Institute“. After graduation with honors she presented her first collection at the Miami Fashion Week in 2008. IN 2009, Marinela opened her first luxury fashion store and show room on the Balearic island of Ibiza.

The Kurru Kurru collection is defined by the use of exquisite materials and the fine art of Couture Craftsmenship. Our business follows the rules of sustainable fashion and our strategies are ecofriendly. All products are printed in Germany and hand made in Ibiza. Our designs are mainly inspired by strong intelligent women who live a lifestyle of adventure, freedom and femininity (just like Clair Stinnes, Jeanne Dàrc or Meryl Streep). 


 Want to go shopping in your leggins.....with your hair looking like a birds nest.......... and save money at the same time? 
Our brand is now available world wide and 24/7 in our new Kurru Kurru online store. An exclusive selection of our classics and special offers for you to brows on long Corona - evenings. A convenient way to shop and to welcome the ambience of Ibiza in your home for a little while.......
Do not worry about our exclusive customer service. Since we stand for unique individualism, the pieces you see, are always available in personalized versions, concerning sleeves, length, size and accessories. 
Even though you decide to purchase dresses from Kurru Kurru online, you do not have to renounce Marinelas personal advice. She is offering an email contact, a WhatsApp option and a chat room on her website to give you the best advice possible.You can even send pictures and discuss your own ideas when it comes to picking a wedding dress.

Marinela will patiently answer all your questions and help you with council and guidance just like you would have entered the Kurru Kurru Showroom in Ibiza.

We collaborate with fashion agents and personal shoppers world wide.

Contact us to find out about rates, deals and opportunities. 


Kurru Kurru loves to create magical memories tailored specially for each client of ours.

Either you already had your important day or you are about to say yes.

You know it is extremely important to carefully customize the event in order to have a blast and later reminisce with a smile on your face.
Some of us prefer white puff cake dresses and 10 bridesmaids wearing the same green toned gowns, standing closely next to you the whole day. Some of us would be amazed by a cool hippie wedding on the beach in a bohemian conscious fashion style. And then there are those, who prefer to avoid clichés and enjoy the rather laid-back aesthetics of authentic originality. Kurru Kurru addresses all types of brides, celebrating an effortless seeming chic for each occasion.
Using the most precious fabrics with hand-stitched embellishments, Marinela creates wonderful designs highlighting the delicate feminine beauty and edgy personality at the same time..